Monday, July 15, 2002

Folks, I've been unemployed since May 31st - and frankly, it's starting to worry me a little even though I've secretly loved every minute of the freedom. True, I've got a part-time job that's all but confirmed - but I've witnessed too many disasters to count my chickens. So until that magical phone call comes through, I can only think cynical thoughts in between baking bread and working on a re-design for this site.

It's been much, much harder than I thought to get some new work - something feels wrong. Through the grapevine, I've heard that none of the agencies in Manchester have any placements. Yes, the students are all out en masse trying to scrape up some cash before the new term starts, but it's eerily quiet out on the financial front in general. I can only go off the places and things I normally encounter, but for example...

Exhibit A. On eBay, bidding seems to have tapered off dramatically. In all my favourite sections (1950s collectables, kitchenalia, vintage fabric) dozens of items are still up for grabs or stuck at low prices. I myself put some kitchenalia up for auction - things bought previously on eBay but no longer fitting the bill. Not a single bid! Four months ago, everything I sold went like hotcakes.

Exhibit B. No reply to job applications. Duh, I know that job-hunting is a often cruel and heartbreaking process, but at least I used to get 'thanks but no thanks' letters! Every single job I've applied for since May has obviously entered some sort of black hole. And no, these weren't ads that stated only successful applicants would be contacted. I'm paranoid that this means every job is swamped with hundreds instead of dozens of replies.

Is this the start of a recession, or just a summer lull?


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