Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Back in sweet suburbia...

So there's no sunshine in Manchester today - but it's summer over at Brian's site, where you can treat yourself to the new Saint Etienne single. It's looooovely - I keep listening to it over and over again. They're back in form, and how. I just realised that the little "ooh ooh ooh" bit sounds like "genie in a bottle", but that's not a bad thing - I have been known to sing it at karaoke after all!

I've got a few cool singles in the post today, so I might put up an mp3 later if I sort myself out... it'll be 60s girl pop though.

So yes, job. My new contract's arrived - although the holiday entitlement is generous, I have to wait three months before I can take any holidays. Eeeesh. It's a good thing we booked a last-minute remote cottage in Northumberland for the weekend, huh?


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