Sunday, June 30, 2002

When Big Bro 2 ended, I quickly realised that E4 is pretty crap - after all, unless you care about ER, Friends re-runs or Hollyoaks, it's just another blip on the digital front. I spent all year thinking about getting rid of it.

Then Big Bro 3 started, and with that comes 'live' coverage and Big Bro's Little Bro. Then you've got repeats of Six Feet Under at a more reasonable hour of 9 PM on Wednesdays, as opposed to the 11:05 PM on terrestrial C4 on Mondays. (Some say this is a strategic move on C4's part, as E4 is a real financial drain...)

Now, an even better reason to keep E4 - the new series of The Secret Life of Us starts on July 16th, before any terrestrial plebs get to see it.


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