Saturday, June 15, 2002

Over the past few days...


Big Brother's Little Brother (E4). Rusty Lee is on with Alison, showing us all that it's possible to make nice meals with the 'poor house' rations. Duh. This does, however, provide a few realisations.

1. There is someone more annoying than Alison. I hate it when people constantly guffaw with belly laughter mid-sentence.

2. I now know what the woman, who gave me a rich slice of hell for half an hour on the phone once because my former boss hadn't replied to her work-seeking letter, looks like. Echoes of "you have no manners!" and "I am a celebrity!" ring around my head like yesterday. (p.s. I wanted to put a link so people who don't know her could have a look, but nothing came up. Seriously!)


The Ginnels antique gallery on Lloyd Street, one of my favourite haunts, is closing forever on 21st June - but Friday is the last day to snap up a meal in their cafe. I meet up with my girls and glumly watch people trickle out saying their last goodbyes to the owners. Where else can you eat decadent comfort food while sat at a salvaged Singer sewing table, surrounded by dusty collectables? In an area that's especially choked with chain pubs, it's a real loss.


"Let's finish off the tequila then..." seemed like a good idea last night. Still, this hasn't stopped me from being a domestic goddess today. I baked bread *and* hung up my fab 50s Swedish soup advert (which had just come back from the framers and, frankly, looks totally ace) *and* we hung up my new curtains which I made from my eBay 50s fabric score. I am so excellent.


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