Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Once again, a blogging break. I've been thinking about this, and came up with a few reasons.

1. No work, not much to bitch about.

2. Three years of working in a full-on industry has finally caught up with me, especially when the holidays I did take usually involved long haul flights, jet lag and busy busy busy schedules!

3. Crap as it sounds, I'm finally getting a bit of time to spend just with myself and re-learning how to do nothing at all for a few minutes.

I'm really savouring it, actually - it's bizarre how things like wandering out to the shops at 11 AM when no one's about is a total guilty pleasure. Or actually having the time to dust your stereo. Time to make a second latte. Putting on records you want to hear for hours on end and being able to dance around your living room. Walking around the garden with your cats.

It's got a limited shelf life though - after this week, I'm worried that relaxing will turn into couch potato, and I don't want that to happen. But on the other hand, I really want the stress to finally subside before I head back into working, or else I'm worried that I'll develop a permanent chip on my shoulder. A few things still niggle re: the old job. Like my boss pestering me to "come in for lunch" to show him where all my files are - because he wouldn't find the time to do it before I left. Not my problem, but am I being a total bee-yotch for avoiding his calls? I just don't want to get dragged into a long conversation and just thinking about it makes the old stress rear its ugly head.

I got a weird phone call on Tuesday too. Ages ago, I had sent my CV to a fairly prominent music PR company. I took a bit of a risk with my covering letter, letting my personality ('eh?' I hear you say...) show instead of your standard rubbish. I never heard anything back - until Tuesday. The guy I'd sent my letter to has left the company and is looking to set up a new company to get back to smaller bands rather than top 40 acts. He said he'd meant to call me for ages and that he really liked my covering letter. He sounded friendly enough despite his "I've been in the business for 20 years" schtick, but I still had my doubts. We left it that he'd call back the next day to set up a chat over coffee. I promptly did the rounds afterwards, trying to get the scoop on his reputation. The general consensus was a) possibly flaky b) nice enough guy but slightly sleazy c) keeps changing his mind as to what he wants to do but d) probably wouldn't hurt to meet up and see what he has to say.

Well. Has he phoned back? Nope. Can't say I'm surprised, but in case he does call again out of the blue...back to call screening. As one friend said, I can do better.

Back to the original plan, which roughly involves having some sort of work to bring some money in, but enough time to do a) music b) volunteer work and c) various other projects. Ha!

By the way, the new (well, new since January) Notwist album is really, really beautiful. Kind of a cross between Belle & Sebastian (vocally) and Mouse on Mars (bleeps) but much more original than that would suggest. I must be really out of it - they've been around for ages as well!


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