Sunday, June 23, 2002

I would only suggest that you visit the Printworks if you want either a) Nando's Chicken or b) to see a movie at The Filmworks. Otherwise steer well clear of the cavernous bars that are usually packed with Club 18-30 types tottering/retching/passed out on the cobbles after too many bacardi breezers.

So we've just been to see Spider-Man - which was actually quite charming and exhilirating. Considering I usually steer well clear of a) hollywood and b) adventure movies, that's a lot coming from me. Hey, I even cried when Aunt May got harrassed by the Green Goblin!

Anyhow. We come out and have the usual banter.

Me: I liked that they didn't go for a typical ending.

R CJ: Yeah, that left it wide open for a sequel.

Me: Yeah, doesn't the Goblin's son become Lex Luther so he can take his revenge?

Everyone stares at me.

Me: What???

R CJ: Uh, that's Superman.


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