Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Huzzah! Today my Commonwealth Games tickets arrived. I'm going to see the synchronized swimming duet final on 27th July. Great seats too, so I can cheer Canada on to their inevitable gold. A few of you might know that I was an amateur duet champion back in high school. Most of you probably didn't.

But before you laugh (if you were planning on doing so) let me ask you this. Name another sport lets you choreograph routines to your favourite songs (back then, it was S'Express!), wear tons of makeup in the water and glue your hair up using gelatine. Plus everyone knows that it keeps you sleek and trim. I should probably get back into it actually...

Tomorrow I'm spending the morning at an induction session at the Citizens Advice Bureau, stage one of becoming a volunteer. Part 2 of the plan is a bit shakier. Thanks to a recommendation and my fabulous CV (*cough*), I've been picked up with an agency without having to do those ridiculous typing tests and all that. Unfortunately they're also swamped with students looking for summer work. Never thought I'd have to compete with students - I hope my years of admin slavery count for something! Sigh. I'll just have to keep cool and not let it freak me out.

Hey, if you feel like cheering me up, why not buy me some Juicy Couture for me to lounge around in? I know it's soooo J-Lo and all that, but I saw Kirsten Dunst wearing some the other day and it looked cute and comfy!


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