Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Crikey, it's been nearly a week since I posted - sorry, but what with leaving my job and going away to Devon, y'know...

I've been thinking that it's good I won't be talking about work anymore. After reading about Dooce and seeing the consequences of continuous slagging off sessions, tongue in cheek or not - (she was sacked), it makes you think twice - even if she definitely went further than I've ever seen anyone do, or would do myself.

It's still not sinking in that I don't have to go in to the office. The moronic neural waves at the back of my mind just won't buy it. They wake me up at 7:15 AM and tell me to hurry up. But the only place I have to hurry to today is the post office, where an eBay score is waiting for me. Huzzah!

So what's my plan, you ask? Nothing's definite yet - this week, I really just need the time to restore my sanity, which means going all Martha Stewart on you and making curtains, etc.

However, if you're really interested, the idea is to work part-time and volunteer part-time, until it leads to something more permanent in the voluntary sector. Yes, no more telly. EVER AGAIN!

Oh - the wedding we went to in Devon was ace, even though I only saw a tiny bit of the county. But if it took you 9 hours in total to do a journey that should take 4 or 5 hours max because of Jubilee traffic, you'd stick to local sightseeing too. We went to the most fantastic place - the Donkey Sanctuary. They claim it's therapeutic to stroke donkeys, and I can't say they're wrong. Being the huge softie that I am, some of the sad stories about how a donkey came to the sanctuary had me in tears. Like the one about the 80 year old farmer who was just too old to look after one donkey anymore, but couldn't bear to part with him when they came to collect him - he sat in the back of the truck for nearly an hour with the donkey's head in his lap. Awwww.