Monday, May 27, 2002

We're going to Devon for a wedding over the Jubilee weekend, and on the way back I had hoped to check out the Robert Opie collection at the Museum of Advertising and Packaging in Gloucester. The collection spans the 20th century, from advertising to crockery to appliances to cars - really amazing stuff.

Sadly, I've just found out that the museum closed in October 2001. However, you can still see some of the collection at the Wigan Pier Experience. I guess this gives me an actual reason to go to Wigan sometime soon...

Parts of his collection have been made into books, my favourite of which is The 1950s Scrapbook. They've got it stocked at the new Magma bookstore in Manchester - well worth a visit just to browse. You can also order it (and other Robert Opie goodies) direct from the Robert Opie website. Shop shop shop!


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