Sunday, May 26, 2002

Note to self. Tequila followed by beer followed by tequila-champagne slammers is.... rather nice actually! Wahahaha - no hangover. How did I manage to avoid that?

My digital camera is a piece of crud (£35 off eBay - what did I expect?) but here's a few shots from last night.

Ms. Tequila and Ms. Champagne

The hard man from Piccadilly Records and the bf

Nil Points from Rhyl

Ms. Champagne and the Firswood Kidz

None of me as I was the photographer, but if the one of me and my Moomin cakes turns out well from the other camera...

Anyhow, back to Eurovision. In the cold light of day, it wasn't exactly vintage stuff. And was it my imagination, or was Wogan not up to his usual sarcastic self? The winning song from Latvia was completely unmemorable but at least ol' Garlick came 4th in the end (I think?). Slovenia's air hostess drag queens were a class act - they could sing and the backing singers dressed as pilots was a nice touch. Sadly I don't think Europe was ready for them - but at least they scored more points than Lithuania. Possibly the most embarrassing song EVER. My ancestors are rolling in their graves.


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