Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Mmmms! Someone has left a packet of Peta Zetas, "caramelo con chasquidos, sabor a fresa" on my desk, a gift from their holidays in Menorca. Menorca, eww. Popping candy, nice.

Anyhow, only two days left's all very strange. People from the other sections have started excluding me because in their minds, you're already gone. I don't really mind but at the same time, I keep thinking excuse me, I've worked my butt off for you for a year - a little gratitude wouldn't kill you! Then I hear them all start to sing "Just a little" by Liberty X and remember why I'm going.

However, I felt mildly guilty because the adrenalin-junkie producer I've moaned about dropped a card and a box of Panda licorice (my favourite) on my desk, thanking me for all my hard work. Sigh. To be fair, she's been quite tolerable since things calmed down. My actual team isn't so bad, when you take away the stress and the long hours and the lack of organisation...

I guess I'll whip up a batch of Ghiradelli brownies for everyone on Friday. (That's a big concession from me, as they come from my precious imported supply!)

We finally watched the Osbournes last night. Was anyone else vaguely disappointed? It's not Ozzy's fault - he's clearly hilarious. I blame the hyperactive editors at MTV who package everything to death in 90 second snippets. Followed by SEVEN minutes of adverts between each bit. Ugh.


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