Thursday, May 30, 2002

Knock on wood, I've never been burgled. But based on someone at work's recent experiences, you might want to reconsider if you think your insurance will be a piece of cake.

Someone here got broken into in the middle of the night, and as the thieves only got as far as the living room, they helped themselves to mainly cds, stereo equipment, etc.

The snag came when she was asked to produce a title-by-title list of cds. She couldn't get past a few off the top of her head, so they offered her a list of "cds commonly stolen from students" which included crap like U2's back catalogue and Now That's What I Call Music to choose from.

For those of you who, like me, have a living room packed to the rafters with vinyl - let me encourage you to be the nerd you've always dreamed of and start compiling a full list of your collection, complete with approximate replacement costs. Then file it with your insurance company. Now! Or else it will be compilation and Joshua Tree hell...


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