Wednesday, May 01, 2002

From my fellow telly working friend today:

Folks. I have an atrocious request.

I am looking for a couple or a single person prepared to apply stinging nettles to their testicles / special parts for an item about the pain and pleasure aspects of nettles. The person can be anonymous if they like with a hood or such like.

Well, I'm not sure her circle of friends is the best place to start, but if anyone out there in the North West fancies showing off their bits on TV...(cue ghost town sound effects...)

And hey, is it my imagination or are No Doubt climbing on the electroclash bandwagon? Judge for yourself...

I'd also like to say how much I love the C*nt ads in the TV Go Home book, a fake show about the escapades of 20 something noomeejahoor Nathan Barley. It makes very good before bed reading and I was in fits of giggles. Excerpt:
Nathan sculpts his hair into a messy peak, dons some pedal pushers, and visits a loud, overpriced South London bar to share woodfired pizza and smug conversation with an equally vile companion.

TV Go Home's website appears to be down at the moment, so if you fancy reading some more go here.


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