Thursday, April 04, 2002

Sorry, couldn't speak much today as I was much too devastated at having missed the end of an eBay auction for a gorgeous Bakelite Teasmade that was going for cheap...but here's a mish mash of things.

I like checking out the Blogdex top stories/links of the moment. But why on earth is the Google Technology site so popular? I had one look and went cross-eyed from the complicatedness of it all.

And a warm post-Tate-induced-cold welcome back to Anna Kookymojo. She was silent for whole week and in that way you only can when people blog every day, I was getting worried!

Also, if you like Dot Allison, get yourself over to Audiogalaxy - some of the tracks off her new album are floating around! We're Only Science is very cool...

God I hate my co-workers. They're singing "California Dreamin" ironically right now, and just finished shouting crap chat-up lines across the office. Why why why?


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