Monday, April 22, 2002

OK, more on Jason Beck a.k.a. Chilly Gonazales...

Some of you may have read the article on him in the Guardian's TV guide two weeks ago. It mentioned his previous band, Son, as a prominent indie band in Toronto back in 1993. It's a sad but common story really, where Canadian bands get signed up pretty much as major label tax write-offs and are ignored and then dropped after the initial hoo-ha to get them on board.

Anyhow! 1993 is when my own band A Tuesday Weld was around, so I was curious if we ever crossed paths. My trusty Lexis Nexis told me we didn't - the earliest Son article I could dig out was from 1996, and we broke up in 1994 (I think?) - although I'm sure they were slogging it out like we were at around the same time. All the articles are, of course, written in that annoying Canuck journo style. However, here are some interesting facts:

1. Son once played a gig that included a marathon version of "Purple Rain" featuring the very annoying Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies on drums. Then Son actually *toured* with Barenaked Ladies. Sweet jesus. I hope he's lost *his* number.

2. Peaches was then billed as one Merrill Nisker, who also had a project called The Shit - Chilly played drums for her.

3. In a Billboard article, Chilly snarls about Son having to open for "jangly Canadian 'don't talk' rock bands". :-)

4. A review of Son's album 'Thriller' in the Ottawa Citizen draws comparisons to Nine Inch Nails. Eeeep!

Let us all give thanks that they escaped to Germany to become cool and real. Because as Peaches was later quoted, "you have to leave Canada to become somebody." Amen.


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