Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Now that the weather is better ('in Manchester?' I hear you ask!) I've been walking to work. It takes me 30 minutes, exactly as long as the tram journey. Unfortunately the last 2/3 of the walk is through an industrial park and motorways, probably negating the exercise with car fumes. It's pretty grim - garbage and weeds everywhere, the odd pile of burning tires.... I keep expecting to see a body floating in the canal and having to call 999.

The view from my office, however, is much better. In fact on a warm summer day, it's just about the only perk of being here. Looking out across the office, I can see the mohawk of the Lowry and a burnished copper skyscraper across the quay. To the right, the unfortunate designer outlet which at least is nice architecturally. They've had the wit to design a tree-lined avenue along the mall, dotted with benches that are usually occupied by beer-belly builders having a snooze.

Today though, rain batters the windows and we have to lock the back entrance because otherwise the wind will rip the doors off. Totally depressing.


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