Sunday, April 28, 2002

My weekend so far:

9 PM, Friday. Knackered from insane day - week! - at work. One beer and one delicious Turkish Delight chicken sis later, I am looking forward to watching Father Ted and The Book Club. The telephone rings. This telephone call ruins the rest of my evening and part of Saturday morning as well.

Basically the producer we have at the moment (let's call her Adrenalin Junkie) informs me that it's only just occurred to her that the car I hired for her on *Wednesday* is not big enough. She wants me to phone Avis in the morning to arrange an exchange. If they can't provide the bigger car, she wants me to ring round all the other companies to get her a deal. Does she ask nicely or even apologize for ringing me so late and on the weekend? What do you think?

I, the big softie that I am, am extremely upset afterwards. I don't like this whole snap-my-fingers-and-you-jump stuff. The poor bf has to watch me while I wail "Idiot motherf*&ckers!" Even Father Ted can't console me and I don't sleep very well that night.

In the morning, I drag myself out of bed and start making calls. Of course it gets complicated instantly. Pissed off, I call my boss at home and leave a polite but firm message that her plan isn't going to fly. To his credit, he calls back and says that's fine; he's thought of a way to work around it. I call Adrenalin Junkie to tell her the deal and say I'll be round shortly to drop off some stuff for her trip (I don't mind this, as it was pre-arranged and she lives on the way into town anyhow. See? A little notice goes a long way!)

Her house is gorgeous. One of those huge rambling houses in a slightly dodgy area that you could have snapped up for £50,000 ten years ago and quadrupled your investment by now. Is she inside, enjoying her garden and having a Saturday morning coffee? No, she's on TWO mobiles at once, shouting frantically between both of them. She spies me and also starts shouting questions at me. I frantically inch away, mouthing "I'VE GOT TO GO" and make my escape.



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