Friday, April 05, 2002

Are you feeling generous? I really, *really* want one of these...sigh... (click on the enlarge button to see it properly.)

Today is a quiet day, with lots of time for pottering around the net and listening to my new cd of freshly burned mp3s. Speaking of which I had a bit of a problem this morning when I was trying to burn the disc using Roxio. For some reason two of my mp3s just would not burn - yet I can play them on Windows Media Player (I know, crappy...). I downloaded them off Audiogalaxy. Can anyone think of what the problem is? I.e. can people put weird protecting codes on songs? Anyhow, this disc is full of goodies - the aforementioned Saint Etienne "shower scene" (umm, hope they realise there's already a Felix da Housecat song called that!) which is actually remixed by King of Woolworths I think... two new Dot Allison songs, and perhaps only of interest to me, the original version of Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart currently revived by Tiga and whatshisname from the electroclash 'scene'. The bf hates it - he says it starts off well enough but descends into howling guitars and rockin' vocals. I dunno, he was just a Canadian teen heart-throb when I was 10!

Here he is, on a cover of a mag I myself used to buy when I was young...


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