Thursday, March 14, 2002

Yesterday sucked. Bad day at work, Blog*Spot down all day. But today, oooh, I'm a happy bunny today.

One. Remember the marmalade that was out of bounds? I now have two boxes - enough for a year at least!

Two. I had a facial last night, so I'm no longer a dry crumpled stress lizard.

Three. I made a rash purchase on eBay, which I told no one about until now - and they arrived today. The complete series of Degrassi Junior High on PAL VHS - real ones too, not the dubious dubs you usually see up for auction. (yeah, I know it's out on NTSC at last now - but this was still a cheaper alternative)

I feel justified, seeing as it was a big part of my formative years. It was kind of like a parallel universe because the characters were exactly the same age as me. School dances at 4 PM, drab Toronto school hallways, running for school president with dorky campaigns, Joey selling vitamin C tablets as "drugs", the bad sweaters and frosted lipstick - it was scarily accurate.

I was never quite as fond of Degrassi High, although I adored the somewhat outrageous and depressing School's Out! film-style finale where the word "fuck" made its first appearance ever in Canadian teen TV. As in "You were fucking Tessa Campinelli?" (insert Caitlin screechiness here)

Some other fun Degrassi sites:

Degrassi Update, a site devoted to cast spottings around Toronto. I.e. Snake was recently spotted moving house. Run by a girl I used to know back in my scenester days there - and she's still maintaining it years on!

Pat Mastroianni's own page - he who was Joey Jeremiah! Laugh at his B-list credits.

Degrassi, The Next Generation. Coming to your screens sometime this year, and featuring old cast members and their kids (eeeek! kids??)

Pics from a recent Degrassi reunion to launch the new series.


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