Friday, March 15, 2002

Well, I'm at home on a sickie today. The stress of this week and other factors left me with a mo-fo of all headaches. But that doesn't stop me from blogging, oh no.

I am absolutely delighted with my Degrassi Junior High videos. I watched two eps this morning - perfect viewing for a sickie day actually! In the second one, Stephanie drinks port, kahlua and vodka nicked from Lucy's parents' booze collection before going to the school dance where she promptly yaks, leaving Wheels' hopes of romance dashed on the gymnasium floor along with the contents of Steph's stomach. Brilliant! (OK, I lied. Steph yakked in the toilets, not the gym. But I couldn't pass on writing such a great line! Will you forgive me?)

One of the best things about the videos is that they come with mini posters, bios and fan club info. Here's a rather sultry pic of the tart with a heart, Stephanie Kaye:

By the way, I *am* actually working on the Bent interview etc. - that one is nearly done in fact, but the rest will take slightly longer as I want to take lots of great pictures. I might take a bit of a walk this morning to snap a few and also to try and clear my head...

By the way, hope you all watched Clocking Off last night. It was completely absorbing. I don't know how they do it - it's some of the best character-driven TV scripting I've come across in ages. No matter what subject they tackle (child porn, dodgy exes, rape) they rarely run adrift into cliches, and always manage to throw in some humour. I'd love to work for them (Red Productions) - hint hint! :-)


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