Monday, March 11, 2002

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately -what with Blogger down on Friday and the fact that I don't really write much on weekends cos I'm a sitemeter whore and blog according to when I know the bulk of you read this thing...

So on Sunday the bf and I jumped into the car, determined to spend the rainy afternoon doing something other than slouching around the house. I love exploring Derbyshire & Yorkshire this way - you never know when you'll stumble upon a great pub or a fantastic antique shop.

Anyhow. I'm not the type to make pilgrimages anymore, but once in a while during our treks we become tourists. Like the time we popped into Portmeirion and it just happened to be the annual The Prisoner conference. (Please don't ask me to tell you about that, I'm still recovering.)

So yesterday, after tootling across the Moors we found ourselves once again swinging through Hadfield, filming location for The League of Gentlemen. On our first visit well over a year ago, there were no signs of the show apart from a newsagent selling crap handmade souvenirs, including a fridge magnet that said "This is a local fridge for local people, there's nothing in here for you!" (sic)

But oh, how things have changed. I can tell you now that Hadfield proudly sports one Royston Cafe ("for local people"), a bakery with a sign in the upstairs flat that reads "naughty treats below" and a motley of shops with handmade "are you local?" signs in their windows. Clearly, Hadfield has embraced the commercial ventures to be had!

Oddly enough, we finished the day with lunch in another filming location, Holmfirth. I don't watch Last of the Summer Wine, thank you very much, but I do like Holmfirth very much. Our dining establishment, The Riverside Cafe, was just what you need on a cold rainy day - puddings and stodgy meals galore, with nary a vegetable in sight. We had an ace, batty waitress who was bogling to T'pau when we stepped inside, and she made me the most enormous, delicious yorkshire pudding I've ever had. Mmmmmm.


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