Monday, March 25, 2002

Some points for today.

1. Monday mornings have been made slightly more bearable by the phwoar Justin Theroux Gap poster at my tram station.

2. The new Pet Shop Boys single "Home and Dry" *is* brilliant, in a sort of grow-on-you-Fleetwood-Mac kind of way - and the b-side "Sexy Northerner" is hilarious (and according to the press release, a hard-edged portrait of regionality and lust!). "Says he wants a job/Something interesting/Like a graphic designer/Sexy northerner..." I'm so glad I've got tickets for their tour now.

3. It's the bf's birthday today, and I wish I could get tickets for the Strokes tonight so we could see the opening act, one of our favourite bands - Stereo Total - but I'm afraid the gods aren't smiling on us. Sigh. Happy birthday anyway, pumpkin, and enjoy your book of Russian Avant Garde film posters.

4. A 1997 Australian Grenache is a delicious wine, but maybe Croatian plum brandy chasers aren't a good idea.


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