Monday, March 04, 2002

Saturday. Felix Da Housecat. Sankey's Soap.

10:30 PM: Arrive at club. Pass first round of three filters of bouncers.

10:35 PM: Queue to be frisked. What do you mean, I can't take chewing gum inside???? What is *up* with that?

10:45 PM: Queue to get in. As we get close to the front bouncer # 3 shouts at us that coat checking is mandatory. Leave queue to queue to check in coat. Start to think "why the fuck am I here?" I should mention this is all takes place outside, so we queue again, shivering with cold.

11:00 PM: Finally get in. We are greeted by a sea of young students and it's not looking pretty. Not what we were expecting at all. Stiff drink to get us through it then - a vodka & red bull is £5.20 and a crappy Budweiser rings in at £2.80. Jesus.

11:30 PM: We discover there is a smaller room upstairs and retreat. Better music, older faces, not so crowded. We run into our friend Danny from Ladytron and his mates, which cheers us up immensely as it's always more fun to have a gang. Spot Felix DHC. Ooooh!

12:00 AM: Felix starts his set downstairs. We descend and I'm immediately overwhelmed by the mass of moving bodies, the lingering mists of sweat and smoke and the loud, pulsing music. He starts with a cracking song off his album and it sounds 100 times better than at home. We settle in near the DJ booth. The insanity of the situation starts to take me over and I literally squeak with delight.

12:15 AM: This is possibly the BEST FUCKING THING EVER. I'm dancing, I'm jumping, everyone who goes by says hello and acts like they're your best friend. I love it I love it!

1:00 AM: The mood changes. Some wanker shoves past me to try and grab Felix's hand. He spills beer all over me and trods on my gorgeous new shoes. We lose Danny and friends. Back to reality with a bump.

1:15 AM: Feeling claustrophobic. Retreat to the toilets upstairs. Suspicious puddles in every stall, filthy. Too many people.

1:30 AM: Any delusions I had about still being up for it have vanished. We're out of here.

2:00 AM: Can't get a cab as usual, so the 86 bus to Chorlton it is. A row erupts between the driver and a gang of lads and the police are called in to chuck them off the bus. Bit scary.

2:30 Am: Toast, kettle, bliss. I'm glad I went, and for about half an hour I was transported somewhere heavenly...but I won't be back unless we can hang out in the VIP area. :-)


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