Thursday, March 28, 2002

Just to prove how cutting edge I am: three weeks ago I dragged the bf to an antiques warehouse in Failsworth. The ground floor was a sea of old furniture - most of it not my style. However, I've been dying for an old 50s kitchen cabinet for some time now, ever since some friends of ours had one restored (I also noticed a nice one in Black Books, although it's meant to be horrible!). And I spotted one. Oh, it was in a state - musty, glass slightly broken in one panel, layers of paint peeling - but I could see the potential. For one thing, the enamel pull-out bread board was in mint condition - very rare. All the chrome handles were intact too. Anyhow they sold it to me for £60, we lugged it home and I've started stripping it. It's going to be gorgeous when it's done in red and white gloss.

Then yesterday, someone brought in the Mail on Sunday's "You" magazine. The Insider Home section featured 50s kitchens, and there was my cabinet - yours new and made to order for a mere £3000!! Maybe I should go into the restoration business...

Oh yes, last night: 24 Hour party People launch party. We were the early birds, arriving at 10:30 with hardly a soul there. Oooops. Turns out everyone was late from the screening, which we didn't go to - and it was packed by 11 PM. Mr. Haslam and friends played old school house, good 80s electro and the odd 60s soul number thrown in for good measure. And what a surprise, a free bar! Unfortunately I didn't spot any of the cast (was really hoping to see Simon Pegg, sigh) but we did have Gillian from New Order stood in front of us with her mum all night. And I saw Terry Christian, but the bf said it didn't count. I imagine the ultra VIPs were all tucked away in a room somewhere. Damn.

Anyhow we're off to Harrogate for Easter - some much needed chill out time, dabbling in the country lifestyle...can't wait!


Blogger Sally said...

have you any photos of your cabinet?
I've just bought one from a reclamation yard and would love to "compare" notes on restoration etc.

Mine was originally aqua and with possibly bottle green edges. The enamel pull out work top is in excellent condition...I cant wait to have this all ready to use :)
But mine wont be going in the kitchen. I'm using it as a craft storage cabinet, so I can use the work top to work on my arty creations.

8:57 pm  
Anonymous Harry said...

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