Friday, March 01, 2002

John Willie Lees a dump? I take it all back. Club Suicide was ace!

Now, it's been a while since I was a scenester as such, and I tend to avoid anything insular like the plague. The bf and I were talking about how it's actually an advantage to go to these things having no clue who is who - that way you treat everyone the same. But while there was definitely an element of that last night, it was friendly. And the venue was quite a little gem! 70s, yes, but clean and houseproud. The funniest moment was when we saw the portly landlord reading a (crappy, it has to be said) Mum & Dad records fanzine, looking very perplexed.

The DJing was what made our night - similar style to (sadly missed) Minipop, which was a Jockey Slut night in Manchester. It's so nice to sit and drink while you listen to Felix Da Housecat, Christina Milian, Fischerspooner and can I say that the new Sugababes single "R Freaks Electric" is absolutely MINDBLOWING? Thank god our friend Matt has just given us the MP3 or else I don't think I would have survived the weekend.

Alpinestars were a bit of a let down - pleasant enough, but not really moving on from their last album. Vocoder vocals *again*, meandering soundsketches not really grabbing me by the scruff of my neck and saying "Am I not gorgeous?" The competition is fierce in electro land, and you have to be pretty clever to keep ahead of the pack.

We've got tickets to Sankeys Soap tomorrow, to see Felix Da Housecat DJ. So out of everything on the social calendar I set out last week, we've attended them all except for Mull Historical Society. Which was sold out...but we did see them on their previous tour so it's only a minor failure. Take that, day job! Ner ner ner...

Oh yes, don't forget to watch the new series of Black Books tonight at 9:30 PM!


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