Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Eeeeps! Meant to write earlier, but t'internet has been down all day. Grumble.

Well, I found out yesterday that another *two* people are leaving my workplace. That makes six since January, and I've lost track of how many since I started here last July. Which is bad for a company of about 35 employees. The strange thing is, people aren't leaving because they're treated badly. The problem is that we're all slowly being bored to death. Everyone is nice, and we work in a nice office looking out over a pretty quay. Anyone who comes here for the first time comments on nice it is to have all this open space and benches on which to bask in the nice sunshine.

But slowly, the negatives creep in. Out of shampoo? Tough luck - the nearest Boots can only be reached by car. Ditto if you need a few groceries. Oh, there's shopping nearby - but it's a soulless, soporific "designer outlet" mall that that doesn't actually sell anything you need. And let's not forget the commuters' nightmare - treacly trams into town - don't get me started! The winter winds are pretty hellish, too.

The bf has little sympathy - his office is even further out of Manchester. But I am an urban girl, damn it all, and having worked for 2 years in the city centre, nine months of this is doing my head in. I'm so very tempted to follow suit...

I didn't watch the Oscars last nights - Halle's nauseating speech on every news bulletin was enough. Instead, because I love talking about food I'll tell you that we ate at La Torre last night, Chorlton's new tapas bar. It's run by *real* Spaniards and they have San Miguel on tap! Not only that, the owner has a strange habit of asking you to deliver dishes for him. If you're ever in the area, check it out.


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