Friday, March 22, 2002

Because I trust troubled diva's taste implicitly, I have just bought tickets for the Pet Shop Boys' tour in July without having heard their new single. It doesn't seem to be in heavy rotation on any of the MTV channels, which is the only way I hear things as I don't listen to the radio.

I'm sure it'll be a fun show though - I went to see them on the Nightlife tour and it was great, despite the poor turnout. Neil Tennant is such a gentleman! And when they did "What have I done to deserve this?" with a video of Dusty singing behind them, without any sentimental treacle, I cried all the way through. (I guess it was my wake for her!) So, chances are it'll be just as good if not better.

I opted for Sheffield City Hall instead of the Manchester Apollo, a) because I got better seats for the same price and b) I hate the Apollo and the fascist car park across the road, and try to avoid going there where ever possible. Anyhow I haven't been to Sheffield yet, so it'll be an adventure.

Does it feel like spring yet to you? Even though it's not that warm yet, I can feel the air lifting. That and my Japanese cherry blossom tree is about to bloom. Come on patio weather!


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