Monday, February 18, 2002

We went to see Gosford Park last night. I was left feeling slightly unsatisfied as the excess of characters turned it into a big mess by the end - but it had its merits all the same. Strongest by far was the recreation of a servant's world circa 1930, for once developing them beyond lacy aprons and the meek "Yes m'lady" to reveal a dark, bitchy underworld of hard work and having to endure being ordered around for most of your life. Quite depressing, although I did admire the kitchenalia - Talaware and flour bins!

Even Kelly MacDonald was good, despite our urge to mutter "What *is* this remarkable anti-perspirant?" every time she came on screen.


Normally Manchester can be a bit dull post-xmas, but for once I am a whirling dervish of social activity in the next few weeks:

Pop Quiz, Tribeca, tomorrow night
Dot Allison, Night & Day, Wednesday night
Mull Historical Society, Roadhouse, next Monday night
Alpinestars, John Willie Lees (*very* dodgy pub that seems to be popular these days with the Twisted Nerve folks etc.), Thursday 28th February
Felix da Housecat, Sankeys Soap, March 2nd (hoooooooray!)

See you there!


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