Thursday, February 28, 2002

Oh, the sweet sweet buzz of snapping up a last minute win on eBay! Some of you may have noticed I have a kitchenalia fetish, something that the poor bf has to come to terms with everytime I make him help me lug my finds home from London, spend hours in Bygone Times or stop at every rubbish car boot sale we come across. No Amazon wishlists for me, no sirree. I want an eBay Kitchenalia one!

Anyhow, you may recall that Gosford Park reminded me of how much I like Talaware. Click here if you want to see my new lovely item! She's a little bruised and battered, but she'll fit in well with my "red kitchen" theme I've got going on.

And before you get worried, no, I'm not marrying her!


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