Thursday, February 21, 2002

I am SO glad I went to see Dot Allison last night after all. The set was short, but incredible. Her new sound is fairly hard electro, so it was right up my alley. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until May for the album.

The icing on the cake was running into a few friends and chatting afterwards. C is an extrovert friend of the bf's from way back, and his partner P is just the loveliest person ever. We had a brilliant chat about karaoke and decided to set up a party for when they get back from Ireland (they live there on and off throughout the year). Dot wandered over later, as she knows P since they've been recording in the same studios. I have to admit I was rendered speechless - she's like a little china doll ice queen, and completely stunning.

The Peroni, the happy atmosphere and talking about singing also made me realise how acutely I miss making music. We talked about how hard it is to make any creative ventures when you're trapped in the 9-5 routine. P was really sweet and firmly told me to go for it. Cheesy as that sounds, I know that if I sort myself out and get back into it - even if it's just for me - it would make me so happy. Studio in the home office and maxing out credit card it is then!


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