Friday, February 08, 2002

Grrrr. Sometimes I really, really hate the BBC. Here follows a transcript of an email I sent to Radio 4 info.


I am writing from a production company in Manchester. My boss, Mr. X, wishes to contact the production office for the above programme regarding the edition which transmitted on 24th January (re: advertiser funded programmes), as he has a few queries.

Could you please advise as to whom he should speak to? Many thanks.

The Beeb's reply:

Dear Elisabeth

Thank you for your e-mail.

Although we are unable to provide direct contact details for members of staff or production offices at the BBC you can find more information on the programme at: (useless link to brief description of the programme, which I know about already - how else would I have emailed them?)

I hope this is of use to you.

Warm regards

** Mc******

BBC Information

My (wish I could send it) reply:

Dear ** Mc******,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, since it arrived *four* days after I sent my inquiry, I took the liberty of phoning the Radio 4 switchboard myself. Your press office transferred me to the editor of business programmes, Mr. Y. Apparently they don't think it's confidential information. Mr. Y. kindly forwarded me a transcript ahead of payment because we needed it quickly, and I have duly sent him a cheque for £15.

However, thanks for trying to fob me off. I appreciate your concern that I might be axe-wielding maniac whose ulterior motive is to take out the producer of an obscure midday programme that has an average listening audience of 150.

I must thank you for your condescension towards little old pleb me, and for reminding me what a bureaucratic mess of red tape the BBC is.

Warmest, most insincere regards,



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