Sunday, February 17, 2002

God, I love Saturdays.

They're steeped in tradition - always a late breakfast with coffee and french toast, then wandering into town to visit our friend Martin for lunch at Night & Day (which, incidentally, serves really nice & cheap mexican food!)

The bf will then have to find a record to buy - this week he scored the limited edition new Boards of Canada album early (it's out on Monday) and was grinning like a cheshire cat when I met up with him. Boys!

Then, because I no longer work in the city centre, I always have to trawl round my favourite shops. I've been really good and only window shopping due to post-xmas skintness, but today I couldn't resist a Super Lovers shirt and an adorable Stussy hat that was in the sale.

But the best bit is sometimes coming home, slightly worn out, to relax and admire your purchases. And to sit back with a nice cup of coffee and a bit of chocolate while you read the Guardian and dream about moving to some converted church in West Yorkshire.

By the way...the Boards of Canada cd is fantastic. Not a vast change from the last album, but in a picking up the pace of my favourite tracks and staying on that track kind of way. And if the whispers going round are true, it's possible it may be #1 next Sunday. How strange!

Oh yeah, spotted this in our crap local paper on Valentine's Day:



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