Thursday, February 28, 2002

A girly tip:

If you've never tried a seaweed detox body wrap, I can highly recommend it! First you are dry brushed with cactus bristles, and then a thick layer of lemony-seawood goop goes all over your body. You're then wrapped up in foil, covered with a duvet and the therapist gives you a scalp massage while the algae does its work.

A quick shower to get the goo off and then you're back into the foil to sweat out all those lovely lovely toxins. Luckily you also get a facial and upper body massage to distract you from feeling like a jacket potato. A layer of cellutox oil is applied afterwards and you leave feeling wobbly but distinctly pristine. No alcohol allowed for 12 hours (not that you'd want any - I was so parched I guzzled a litre of water at home.)

The result? I swear I've lost about 2 pounds in water retention. I must also have that "special glow", because everyone is asking me what's different about me this morning!

Hooray, I will be glamourous for the Alpinestars show at John Willie Lees tonight. Because we all know what a classy place *that* is!

Darn, I'm trying to find some images of JWL's for you but failing. But if I say "70s cabaret bar built into the side of the Arndale car park", does that help?


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