Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Since my post last week, I've been thinking long and hard about My Job and what I can do to shake things up and make myself a happier bunny. I had two ideas.

One, start my own business. I've wanted to start my own north-american style diner/cafe for ages. But that is long-term, so no go at the mo.

Two - work from home. Don't laugh! At first I had visions of stuffing envelopes and getting a cheque for 25 p months later...but then I did some research on becoming a freelance proof-reader for publishing companies. I am seriously thinking about taking the correspondence course and taking on work bit by bit...and when and if it seems to be working out, I could work from home permanently. It looks like I could equal what I earn already per year, if not more, with the bonus of flexible hours. I could work on setting up my own business on the side. I won't be chained to a desk, so I could do things like see the bank manager and scout locations - all those things you can never do when you're stuck in the 9-6 rut. Hey, I could even do lunchtime yoga!

Yeah yeah, it'll be a risk, but a gradual one - and in the interests of my sanity, that sounds like a pretty good trade-off to me.

Umm, did anyone watch Blind Date on Saturday? I just so happened to tune in, and for the first time *ever*, it made me laugh. One of the male contestants said he was there to "see how the common people entertain themselves" and continued to spout upper class snobbery. For a show that is scripted to death, I had to admit I couldn't tell if it was off the cuff or not. He wasn't picked of course, but after the girl gave him a kiss on his way out he said something about having to go wash himself. We were in hysterics!


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