Tuesday, January 15, 2002

My cat blew up a ceiling light last night!

Yep, it's true. By the power of cat wee, McCarthy (and *not* kitten Minna 2, as you might expect) managed to short circuit all the lights in the downstairs hall and kitchen as well as the boiler. So no hot water or heat since last night, oh joy! How did she manage that you ask? Basically it dripped through the floorboards. Sorry for the unpleasant image...

It's all sorted now, but I've found out that the our fuse box is full of mysterious and dodgy circuits put in by the previous owner. We like to call him Mr. Fucking Crap DIY because we keep finding mini disasters two years on!

Hey, here's a picture of Minna 2 for you!

What else? Oh yeah, I wanted to mention the new Nelly Frittata video. Not because I like the song (yelp! yelp!) but because the video makes me a little bit homesick. Noticed the graffiti-covered wall where she's being all crap phat and stuff? That's something you would see if you're ever taking the subway to Keele Station in Toronto. And the scenes in the park were shot in High Park, near the entrance. Both are near my old house...


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