Monday, January 28, 2002

It's official - I'm shaving years off my life! I've spent the last 5 days trying to crack my template using Dreamweaver and it's seriously wiping me out. I can hardly see straight this morning... But hopefully it won't all be in vain, and I can get this blog looking decent.

Hey, how sour did Simon Cowell look on P'idol this weekend? What a primadonna!

***EX-PAT MOAN ALERT*** I was determined to find out why Bisquick is no longer readily available in the UK. This happens to me all the time - I'll be able to buy American products at Sainsbury's or Costco, and then all of sudden they'll disappear from the shelves. First it was tinned pumpkin, now my beloved pancake mix. I refuse to pay £6 for one box at Jerry's Home Store! Sigh. Such is the life of someone who depends on the importation of certain foodstuffs to keep homesickness at bay.

However all is not lost because after a little research, I found a few places in the UK that specialise in this sort of thing - and don't charge nearly what Jerry's or Selfridge's do. Lupe Pintos sell that rarity of rarities - real Mexican food! I lived in San Francisco for a while and became a total addict - but it has to be the real thing. If you're craving mole (chocolate tinged sauce for your burrito/enchilada fillings) or tomatillo salsa, this is the place for you. They also stock Bisquick, Kraft Dinner and Aunt Jemima pancake mix.

For an even more extensive range of dreamy American products like Shake 'N Bake, Rice-A-Roni and *real* chocolate chips, contact Made in America for a catalogue.

I'm in heaven! ***END EX-PAT MOAN***


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