Wednesday, January 23, 2002

In the spirit of John Waters, some things that I hate at the moment:

Singers/groups who sneak in a snippet of their previous single playing "on the radio" or "on the TV" at the beginning of their new video. Do they think the general public is so moronic that they won't be able to cast their minds six weeks back? (well...maybe.) CULPRITS: Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Backstreet Boys, countless others.

Those ads for a series of new collectables magazines peddling Victorian figurines, a model of the Titanic and army figurines. Not only are they badly dubbed from Italian or something like that, but the small print states that future issues will cost £7.99. So you'll end up with an expensive pile of rubbish. (NB: A close second - that (Spanish, I think) ad for tampons where her idiot boyfriend says "Can I have one of these sweets?" Close third would have to be that retarded car ad with the Brummie/Human League interpretation)

People who don't step aside to let you off a crowded tram/bus/tube, forcing you to make much more body contact than is desirable. Hi -- yes you! Hear me now: NO ONE IS GOING TO STEAL YOUR SPOT! What is it with paranoid UK'ers? I never had this problem in Toronto.

And lastly, Louise Wener from Sleeper is now writing for the Guardian, while I am stuck in this poxy job. Note how her style closely resembles a certain Saturday morning columnist whom I also loathe. Is there no vengeful god who will strike her down for crimes against humanity?? For christ's sake, "Inbetweener" was bad enough!

So what's getting *your* goat at the moment?


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