Monday, January 21, 2002

I'm consoling myself with homemade minestrone because I'd found a dream job - only to find out it's in London. This is something that really annoys actually - the number of adverts in the Guardian, etc. that don't specify where the job will be are almost always London-based once you ask. Why? Are companies so London-centric that they assume you should know?

We went to see the Beta Band on Saturday at the Manchester Academy. I like going there - it makes me feel 19 again. Signing into the union, rude bouncers, a sea of Adidas zip-up jumpers and Acupuncture trainers, drinking tins of Red Stripe, queuing for chips at Abdul's afterwards... Anyhow, the show was fine but not mind blowing, and it won't make my top 10 shows of the year, but it was a nice way to pass the evening with friends and forget your 9-5 responsibilities.

If you haven't seen Monsoon Wedding yet, it's fabulous. I like films that make me feel sentimental without resorting to cloying Hollywood techniques, and MW does this with style, throwing in a few barbed wires here and there to keep things in check. Not to mention half the cast are gorgeous and there's loads of cool Indian pop music. It also managed to convince me that:

a) I shouldn't assume that arranged marriages are a bad thing

b) I might want to go to India some day (quite a feat, seeing as my interest was nil before hand)

I know point a) is a bit contentious, but if two families are genuinely trying to make a suitable match, the son or daughter is willing and the families account for personal tastes, etc. I could see how it could work. Mind you there are thousands of factors that can turn it into a complete nightmare, but it was interesting to see a realistic example of how it can be a positive thing. And that's quite enough of me waxing on!


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