Friday, January 04, 2002

Gosh, wasn't I maudlin yesterday? Last night the bf in was in London for a film preview, so I had the house to myself and pampered galore. Had a fantastic bath with Muji rose bath crystals and wrote a long e-mail to Pam, my kitchenalia collector/partner in crime, who understands that you *must* have that enamel breadbin despite your already suffering overdraft!

I managed to refuse to turn on the telly, reading the TV Go Home book instead, which is very rude and funny. My giggling fascinated Minna 2, who sat watching me and was probably thinking "what a retard!"

My gym finally re-opened this week, so yoga tonight it is. Anyone got a video camera? I'm sure You've Been Framed would pay for clips of our sorry carcasses getting all Ashtangled.

Sorry about my archives, btw. They seem a bit knackered and I don't know how to fix them!


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