Thursday, January 10, 2002

Finally, I can publish again! And comments are working!

Last night we went to see Mulholland Drive. Appeased by The Straight Story and the promise from Ruth that it wasn't as nasty as Blue Velvet, I thought I could handle David Lynch. Two and a half hours later, the first thing I said was "I need a cigarette" while I wiped the tears from my face and wobbled out of the cinema.

Don't get me wrong - it did my head in, but I loved it. I had a great conversation with the bf in the car afterwards, waxing lyrical on my theories of What It All Meant. I'd read snippets of a couple of reviews, which I suggest you do as well before you see it - it enhances more than detracts to know a bit about the plot.

My other two thoughts: Naomi Watts is an incredible actress and hey, move over Louis - Justin Theroux is *so* dishy!

It got me thinking though. I'm easily affected by films, so I have to be careful what I watch. Like, I know I can never watch Dancer in the Dark or The Blair Witch Project because either I won't be able to sleep or I'll be a wreck for 3 days, crying every time an RSPCA ad comes on. Does this make me a total emotional lightweight?


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