Thursday, December 27, 2001

Very quick one as I'm at home on the laptop. Gosh, I go away for 2 1/2 days and Blogger gets hacked??

Well, my xmas was fine -- unlike poor Brian - his story broke my heart! I mean, I got a bit cranky cooped up in the bf's parents' house, what with his mum trying to feed me every 5 minutes and asking me if I was ok all the time (I am quiet and she loves to talk.) That said, there's never any major arguing or anything to really make for a crap christmas. Although I got a bit homesick when I phoned my parents back in Canada, as I always do - and my mom told me some weird news about my dad, which I can't discuss here - so it kind of threw me. So I was glad to get home. I think I love the build-up to christmas better than the actual holiday...

The bf is playing Music 2000 on the playstation, one of his stocking presents - we're making pumping 80's electro house. Excellent! Another bonus: I was reading one of my presents, the Record Collector guide to rare records (I know, I'm such a nerd) and found out that my Lynne Randell single, which I picked up for £3 last year, is worth £150! Not that I'd ever sell it, but it gave me a pretty big buzz.

OK, I'm off. Back to recreating 2 Unlimited!

Monday, December 24, 2001

Thank you baby jesus, the bf's work xmas party on Saturday was ace! It was at one of those huge old-fashioned hotels that can host 6 or 7 parties at once, and I wasn't sure at first - but once the lights went down and the wine started flowing, little things like missing patches of wallpaper and tatty carpets didn't matter anymore.

There was karaoke, so I belted out Heart's "Alone" and Rhombus Ellis-Bextor's "Take Me Home". The compere was so impressed that he asked if I would come back to sing "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf but I didn't know it well enough... We got very drunk and danced to DJ Otzi and Five. Three of the bf's fellow employees dressed up as the Beatles (although one of them looked more like he was from the "Sabotage" video) and the last thing I remember about the night is someone making a very crass joke about Cumberland sausages...

Sunday was spent being very lazy about the house, nursing hangovers. I made some more gingerbread and also a batch of my grandma's shortbread recipe. Popped round to see Elaine's house - stripped to the core, but it's going to be ace - she's discovered all kinds of original features that make me insanely jealous. Joe & Ruth came round later for drinks - and Ruth told me about a music PR job I desperately want to apply for! Here's hoping.

What's a girl to do when the office is deadsville and she's got to stay until lunchtime? Why, read the eBay community forums of course! This is where jaded veterans and newbies alike come to bitch, moan and generally provide much amusement when you're bored out of your skull. And as a special Christmas treat, here are some of my favourite threads of late:

    I bid on Ginsu Knives (I admit it) and won

    Guess who ruined my Christmas?

    Is this bidder committing a crime? If so, what is the maximum punishment?

    Sweet Sweet Revenge

    Fake Ming Dynasty swords, need advice!

Gosh! One of the girls here just got a call on her mobile from Noddy Holder, wishing her a merry christmas. Now how perfect a way to end your last day at work is that?

Friday, December 21, 2001

Please, please remind me never EVER to book a shared mini-bus back from my work xmas 'do ever again. The whole night was rubbish - ancient shareholders putting in an appearance, both at the event and on various female legs, dry turkey dinner, lack of white wine... Put it this way - you know you're in for a bad evening when the waiters were the DJ's. Two lads, 20 going on 50 - and they'd all but bought the Kev's Mobile Disco Van. Their techniques included the famous "turn the sound down at the bit in the chorus so people can shout out the line" and mixing Spiller into Modjo into Murder On the Dance Floor, but speeding it up so Sophie sounded like a rhombus-shaped chipmunk. Their record collection consisted of a few copies of "Now That's what I Call Music" and they had created their own special dance routines, which they performed for us behind the Decks of Cheese.

Our IT man dropped his trousers during a Pogues song, someone puked in the mini bus on the way home and my boss was so plastered that he doesn't remember allowing my sometimes annoying co-worker, whom I've mentioned in a previous post, to drunkenly smooch all over him in the backseat while he sang his own rude version of "It's Raining Men".

I've got the bf's to get through on Saturday, but at least there will be karaoke and it's near our house.

Now I am very tired and grumpy and there's nowhere decent to get a latte. Bah.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Ah, the christmas countdown. Come into work late, drink coffee and play on the internet all day - no one cares!

We went to see Birdie at Night & Day last night. Actually, we saw them for about 10 minutes - Debsey was really ill, but struggled through a couple of songs before making her apologies. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to use my new crappy little digital camera, because a) I was too shy and b) I didn't feel right about snapping pictures of someone who looked like they were about to keel over. Paul actually came around to everyone afterwards and handed out free cd album samplers - bless!

Now, we got two and only need one, so here's a little contest - the first person who can tell me where the expression "dutch courage" comes from will get one sampler posted to them. E-mail me via my name link at the end of the post....

Why dutch courage? Just something I was missing last night when I wanted to chat to opening band I Am The World (shortened from you-know-what) despite two big bottles of Budvar! I always feel like I should go up and talk to North Americans when I meet any, especially in Manchester...

Have you seen the story on the world's funniest joke on the news and in the papers this morning? I'm sorry, but it was about as funny as Chubby Brown! (I implore you, look at the link if you don't know him to get an instant mental picure.) The article went on to say that in a survey of which nations found the 10,000 submitted jokes funniest, Canada came last, and Germany first. I would be deeply insulted, but when an average submission was "What kind of murderer has fibre? A cereal killer" then I'm actually quite glad that my fine nation, who brought you SCTV and Kids in the Hall, preserved their dignity.


Tuesday, December 18, 2001

So the kitten saga continues! Ever since we had a little stray (Minna) stay with us for a month, we've had a maternal urge for a third puzzah, Minna 2, to puke everywhere and roam the house. Cue someone's cat having kittens...but they are ready *now* and the guy wants them taken asap. Which is all very difficult when you're staying at the in-laws for xmas and then a rented cottage for new year's... By the way this is where we're staying (the second one listed - can you figure out why we weren't 100% comfortable with the first one?). Anyhow I have sent a grovelling email to the cottage lady to see if she'll let us bring it there. I don't know if a kitten counts as a "well-behaved pet by prior arrangement", but we'll see.

Thank you very much to troubled_diva for linking to me, it's all so exciting! However I now feel the pressure to be insanely witty and amusing for those who come here and don't know me (and so would forgive me for being a rambling idiot) - I might have to take up a vicodin addiction...

Ooooh, got two parcels today - one was an xmas present from my little sisters Rebecca & Sarah, so I was good and put it straight under the tree. I have to say, getting xmas parcels in the mail from back home is the best.

The other parcel was my requested video of Lesley Gore: It's Her Party which was on A&E a couple of weeks ago, so that's tonight's viewing entertainment sorted. Although A&E are great in that they offer most of their programmes for sale pronto after they air (not many places do that!), they won't ship outside the US or Canada... so thank you mom & dad, and hooray for multi-region VCR's!

Monday, December 17, 2001

I had a fantastic weekend, thank you! First of all, Röyksopp were great. It was marred slightly by the Sam Fox lookalikes who screamed throughout their set for no apparent reason, but then again I am just a big grouchy bitch! Anyhow, they were really sweet - jus a couple of geeks who can't dance and make great pop songs. They played their remix of a Felix Da House Cat song at the end, which convinced us to rush out and buy FDHC's cd on Saturday. Say yes to reinventing the best bits of 80's electro! As for Basement Jaxx - you can't deny they put on quite a show. If they would just give up the "let's pretend we're in Brixton on a Saturday night, word" thing as well as the soft porn dancer in a thong, I'd probably like them a whole lot better.

In other news, did anyone else notice that Frank Skinner ripped off Mil Millington's Saturday column in the Guardian for his show last night? It was actually really embarrassing to watch someone pass off a joke as their own - and poor Mil, this isn't the first time it's happened! I have duly emailed him to let him know.

Well, the computer is up and running - it was scarily easy. They colour coded all the plugs and sockets so it's idiot proof (unless you're colourblind of course). Because it's Windows ME and all posh, there was this Stephen Hawking-like wizard and some pointless movie to show off what you can do. You're also heavily encouraged to sign up with AOL - I was practically expecting that scary lady from the ads to magically appear. I feel a bit...sanitised - and I don't like it! I *want* something to go wrong, damnit! Next step is getting the broadband connection though, so I feel assured that I'll get my stress quota from that instead.

We were very domesticated this weekend actually - new blinds downstairs, desk & chair for the computer, christmas tree up, and honey, I even baked the gingerbread cookie recipe I posted a link for last week. People, it is delicious! You should definitely make some.

Oh my god! Mil Millington has just emailed me back about Frank Skinner. How cool is that?

Friday, December 14, 2001

Well, the comments lasted all of 24 hours - sorry folks...I guess it's *free* so I can't complain too much! Grrrrr.

Here's what happened on Wednesday. The conversation went something like this:

Me: So we're going over to Joe & Ruth's for drinks?

Boyf: Oh, Joe called - the flat is a mess so we're meeting at Lime Bar (bar in town)

Me: Hmmm. I don't really feel like going's not really a chill out kind of place.

Boyf: (ignoring me): I said we'd be there just after 7.

So we drive in, and park near Lime. Except that Tag stops in front of Croma, (italian place) and says "Let's go in here..."

I got a surprise belated birthday dinner! I haven't had one of those in years and I was 100% unaware of it being planned. Not only that, they had tried to have one the week before that didn't pan out. Big love to my casting posse (Elaine & Gennie), the bf and Sam, Rachel & JJ (who wanted to be there but couldn't make it the 2nd time around). And I'm sorry that you all had to put up with me being a sulky beeyotch because I thought no one wanted to go out to dinner with me. :-)

Hello to Brian, html master who is helping me through the shaky days of early blogdom. I live for the day when I actually know how to change my template to include side tables!

Tonight we are going to see Röyksopp open for Basement Jaxx...a good way to kick off the weekend! But before I go, Winona, how low can you go...

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Sorry, just found's stupid and it made me laugh. - La Brassiere

Hooray! For the handful of you who read this, you can now leave me comments.

Well, London was good - but I came home poor as a church mouse and tired as fuck. Sometimes, just for a millisecond, I wish we lived there - like when we went to a pub near the IPC offices to have a drink with the bf's editor. I have to admit, pub atmospheres in London are brilliant. Or when we went for a slap up gorgeous meal at Gallipolli in Islington and then a totally ace night at Smersh. But when it took us TWO HOURS to get to Euston from Gipsy Hill because of delayed trains and the northern line shutting down during rush hour... Somehow, I don't remember commuting in New York or even Toronto being this bad!

So, what did I blow my money on? The new Marc Jacobs perfume (save your feet - it's only a/v from Harvey Nicks at the moment), tons of vintage kitchen stuff from the Hayes Lane stalls in Crystal Palace, clothes from Uni Glo, which is basically Muji with H&M prices (yay!), the new Kuraki, Mai cd and a copy of Cutie. Oh yes, and a silver necklace from Spitalfields Market, where my bf also got me one of my christmas presents - an awesome red & white vinyl bag with a cutaway airplane made by this young chica designer who has a stall there. Kind of like Paul Frank but no one else has it!

Oh yeah, my computer arrived yesterday - and although it'll be a while before it's up and running, I should be running this from home instead of work sometime in the new year. ;-)

Before I go, does anyone still care about Pokemon? I don't really, but here's a virtual snorlax! I still have a soft spot for him. Aww.

Thursday, December 06, 2001

Very quick one before I run off to Piccadilly Station. Hopefully I can persuade Tag to join me at the Troc for some para para while we are away. ;-)

But before I do, I just had to say how excited I am that I can now order stockings by mail! This place rocks. I ordered some yesterday and they arrived today - I know because boyf phoned me from home and I got him to open my parcels (I'm so impatient!) Anyhow that's me being girlie for today, check you later!

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Oh, bugger. No Spaced Series 2 DVD until March 2002 now! Just think of the hundreds of people who were hoping to give it as an xmas present and are now screwed. You will have to make do with this taster of the menu for now - check out Private Iron!

God, I love Simon Pegg - even in anime form!

We're off to London tomorrow, for a much-needed long weekend. Highlights will include Spitalfields market, Liberty and a night out in Islington called Smersh (James Bond reference if you care) where our friends Mr. Bob and Mr. Gareth will be DJ'ing. I'm not sure what sort of music it will be, but soft rock or Brit Girls is a safe bet!

Are you doing your christmas baking yet?

Monday, December 03, 2001

Forgot to say before - I had a very unpleasant shock the other day when I was watching the Box. Westlife are covering a Sarah McLachlan song, "Angel". I think I'm going to puke. It's not like I'm crazy about her - although as far as Canadian singer-songwriters go, I have a bit of a soft spot for her. But how in heaven's fuck did this happen???? I. HATE. THEM.

What a weekend! We went for a Chinese banquet on Friday, teppanyaki on Saturday and I had to work at an awards ceremony last night. So basically I spent 3 nights in a row eating meals that took three to four hours every time. I'm exhausted!

Did I mention how much I hate awards ceremonies? I'm just so not good at schmoozing round tables, networking and all that crap. At one point I went to the ladies' and held the door for some guy - and all these photographers came out of nowhere. It was Jamie Redknapp. (And no, Louise was not there - I guess she was too busy feeling Beautiful Inside - erp...)

But mainly I was really pissed off because one of the account directors kept snapping her fingers and making me do minion chores like check in on behalf of one of the presenters, who was too busy rehearsing. During puddings she made me go out in the FREEZING COLD parking lot and lug back 6 huge posh bottles of whisky that were to be presents. So there I am struggling back in my kitten heels while everyone inside is eating pear charlotte. Bitch. But there is a happy ending - she rang me this morning to ask where her keys were - and I discovered that she was so pissed when I handed them back that the hotel staff cleared them away with the tablecloths. So she is now stuck in Bolton. HA!

Christmas is coming and I love it. I decided that one of my bf's xmas presents to me should include "the necklace that Reese Witherspoon wears in Legally Blonde". Did I know it was a classic Tiffany's design and costs over $200? No. Luckily eBay found me someone selling exact replicas for much less, so we're all happy. If only there were replicas of the Evisu sweater he wants.... ;-)

I am also grumpy this morning because of a run in with Costa coffee from hell. I don't even drink their piss-poor swill normally so I was practically doing them a favour - to make a long story short they weren't open at 10 when they were supposed to be open at 9 and I haven't had my caffeine yet. Beware.