Monday, December 03, 2001

What a weekend! We went for a Chinese banquet on Friday, teppanyaki on Saturday and I had to work at an awards ceremony last night. So basically I spent 3 nights in a row eating meals that took three to four hours every time. I'm exhausted!

Did I mention how much I hate awards ceremonies? I'm just so not good at schmoozing round tables, networking and all that crap. At one point I went to the ladies' and held the door for some guy - and all these photographers came out of nowhere. It was Jamie Redknapp. (And no, Louise was not there - I guess she was too busy feeling Beautiful Inside - erp...)

But mainly I was really pissed off because one of the account directors kept snapping her fingers and making me do minion chores like check in on behalf of one of the presenters, who was too busy rehearsing. During puddings she made me go out in the FREEZING COLD parking lot and lug back 6 huge posh bottles of whisky that were to be presents. So there I am struggling back in my kitten heels while everyone inside is eating pear charlotte. Bitch. But there is a happy ending - she rang me this morning to ask where her keys were - and I discovered that she was so pissed when I handed them back that the hotel staff cleared them away with the tablecloths. So she is now stuck in Bolton. HA!

Christmas is coming and I love it. I decided that one of my bf's xmas presents to me should include "the necklace that Reese Witherspoon wears in Legally Blonde". Did I know it was a classic Tiffany's design and costs over $200? No. Luckily eBay found me someone selling exact replicas for much less, so we're all happy. If only there were replicas of the Evisu sweater he wants.... ;-)

I am also grumpy this morning because of a run in with Costa coffee from hell. I don't even drink their piss-poor swill normally so I was practically doing them a favour - to make a long story short they weren't open at 10 when they were supposed to be open at 9 and I haven't had my caffeine yet. Beware.


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