Friday, December 14, 2001

Well, the comments lasted all of 24 hours - sorry folks...I guess it's *free* so I can't complain too much! Grrrrr.

Here's what happened on Wednesday. The conversation went something like this:

Me: So we're going over to Joe & Ruth's for drinks?

Boyf: Oh, Joe called - the flat is a mess so we're meeting at Lime Bar (bar in town)

Me: Hmmm. I don't really feel like going's not really a chill out kind of place.

Boyf: (ignoring me): I said we'd be there just after 7.

So we drive in, and park near Lime. Except that Tag stops in front of Croma, (italian place) and says "Let's go in here..."

I got a surprise belated birthday dinner! I haven't had one of those in years and I was 100% unaware of it being planned. Not only that, they had tried to have one the week before that didn't pan out. Big love to my casting posse (Elaine & Gennie), the bf and Sam, Rachel & JJ (who wanted to be there but couldn't make it the 2nd time around). And I'm sorry that you all had to put up with me being a sulky beeyotch because I thought no one wanted to go out to dinner with me. :-)

Hello to Brian, html master who is helping me through the shaky days of early blogdom. I live for the day when I actually know how to change my template to include side tables!

Tonight we are going to see Röyksopp open for Basement Jaxx...a good way to kick off the weekend! But before I go, Winona, how low can you go...


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