Monday, December 24, 2001

Thank you baby jesus, the bf's work xmas party on Saturday was ace! It was at one of those huge old-fashioned hotels that can host 6 or 7 parties at once, and I wasn't sure at first - but once the lights went down and the wine started flowing, little things like missing patches of wallpaper and tatty carpets didn't matter anymore.

There was karaoke, so I belted out Heart's "Alone" and Rhombus Ellis-Bextor's "Take Me Home". The compere was so impressed that he asked if I would come back to sing "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf but I didn't know it well enough... We got very drunk and danced to DJ Otzi and Five. Three of the bf's fellow employees dressed up as the Beatles (although one of them looked more like he was from the "Sabotage" video) and the last thing I remember about the night is someone making a very crass joke about Cumberland sausages...

Sunday was spent being very lazy about the house, nursing hangovers. I made some more gingerbread and also a batch of my grandma's shortbread recipe. Popped round to see Elaine's house - stripped to the core, but it's going to be ace - she's discovered all kinds of original features that make me insanely jealous. Joe & Ruth came round later for drinks - and Ruth told me about a music PR job I desperately want to apply for! Here's hoping.

What's a girl to do when the office is deadsville and she's got to stay until lunchtime? Why, read the eBay community forums of course! This is where jaded veterans and newbies alike come to bitch, moan and generally provide much amusement when you're bored out of your skull. And as a special Christmas treat, here are some of my favourite threads of late:

    I bid on Ginsu Knives (I admit it) and won

    Guess who ruined my Christmas?

    Is this bidder committing a crime? If so, what is the maximum punishment?

    Sweet Sweet Revenge

    Fake Ming Dynasty swords, need advice!

Gosh! One of the girls here just got a call on her mobile from Noddy Holder, wishing her a merry christmas. Now how perfect a way to end your last day at work is that?


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