Tuesday, December 18, 2001

So the kitten saga continues! Ever since we had a little stray (Minna) stay with us for a month, we've had a maternal urge for a third puzzah, Minna 2, to puke everywhere and roam the house. Cue someone's cat having kittens...but they are ready *now* and the guy wants them taken asap. Which is all very difficult when you're staying at the in-laws for xmas and then a rented cottage for new year's... By the way this is where we're staying (the second one listed - can you figure out why we weren't 100% comfortable with the first one?). Anyhow I have sent a grovelling email to the cottage lady to see if she'll let us bring it there. I don't know if a kitten counts as a "well-behaved pet by prior arrangement", but we'll see.

Thank you very much to troubled_diva for linking to me, it's all so exciting! However I now feel the pressure to be insanely witty and amusing for those who come here and don't know me (and so would forgive me for being a rambling idiot) - I might have to take up a vicodin addiction...

Ooooh, got two parcels today - one was an xmas present from my little sisters Rebecca & Sarah, so I was good and put it straight under the tree. I have to say, getting xmas parcels in the mail from back home is the best.

The other parcel was my requested video of Lesley Gore: It's Her Party which was on A&E a couple of weeks ago, so that's tonight's viewing entertainment sorted. Although A&E are great in that they offer most of their programmes for sale pronto after they air (not many places do that!), they won't ship outside the US or Canada... so thank you mom & dad, and hooray for multi-region VCR's!


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