Monday, December 17, 2001

I had a fantastic weekend, thank you! First of all, Röyksopp were great. It was marred slightly by the Sam Fox lookalikes who screamed throughout their set for no apparent reason, but then again I am just a big grouchy bitch! Anyhow, they were really sweet - jus a couple of geeks who can't dance and make great pop songs. They played their remix of a Felix Da House Cat song at the end, which convinced us to rush out and buy FDHC's cd on Saturday. Say yes to reinventing the best bits of 80's electro! As for Basement Jaxx - you can't deny they put on quite a show. If they would just give up the "let's pretend we're in Brixton on a Saturday night, word" thing as well as the soft porn dancer in a thong, I'd probably like them a whole lot better.

In other news, did anyone else notice that Frank Skinner ripped off Mil Millington's Saturday column in the Guardian for his show last night? It was actually really embarrassing to watch someone pass off a joke as their own - and poor Mil, this isn't the first time it's happened! I have duly emailed him to let him know.

Well, the computer is up and running - it was scarily easy. They colour coded all the plugs and sockets so it's idiot proof (unless you're colourblind of course). Because it's Windows ME and all posh, there was this Stephen Hawking-like wizard and some pointless movie to show off what you can do. You're also heavily encouraged to sign up with AOL - I was practically expecting that scary lady from the ads to magically appear. I feel a bit...sanitised - and I don't like it! I *want* something to go wrong, damnit! Next step is getting the broadband connection though, so I feel assured that I'll get my stress quota from that instead.

We were very domesticated this weekend actually - new blinds downstairs, desk & chair for the computer, christmas tree up, and honey, I even baked the gingerbread cookie recipe I posted a link for last week. People, it is delicious! You should definitely make some.

Oh my god! Mil Millington has just emailed me back about Frank Skinner. How cool is that?


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