Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Hooray! For the handful of you who read this, you can now leave me comments.

Well, London was good - but I came home poor as a church mouse and tired as fuck. Sometimes, just for a millisecond, I wish we lived there - like when we went to a pub near the IPC offices to have a drink with the bf's editor. I have to admit, pub atmospheres in London are brilliant. Or when we went for a slap up gorgeous meal at Gallipolli in Islington and then a totally ace night at Smersh. But when it took us TWO HOURS to get to Euston from Gipsy Hill because of delayed trains and the northern line shutting down during rush hour... Somehow, I don't remember commuting in New York or even Toronto being this bad!

So, what did I blow my money on? The new Marc Jacobs perfume (save your feet - it's only a/v from Harvey Nicks at the moment), tons of vintage kitchen stuff from the Hayes Lane stalls in Crystal Palace, clothes from Uni Glo, which is basically Muji with H&M prices (yay!), the new Kuraki, Mai cd and a copy of Cutie. Oh yes, and a silver necklace from Spitalfields Market, where my bf also got me one of my christmas presents - an awesome red & white vinyl bag with a cutaway airplane made by this young chica designer who has a stall there. Kind of like Paul Frank but no one else has it!

Oh yeah, my computer arrived yesterday - and although it'll be a while before it's up and running, I should be running this from home instead of work sometime in the new year. ;-)

Before I go, does anyone still care about Pokemon? I don't really, but here's a virtual snorlax! I still have a soft spot for him. Aww.


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