Friday, November 30, 2001

First one, so it's going to a bit crap!

Tomorrow is my birthday, so in the spirit of a new year I thought I'd better get off my lazy ass and finally start my own page. In fact I'm so sad that I didn't even know what a blog was until today!

Check this out if you like 60's girlgroups and singers by the way - if you have cd comps like Here Come the Girls then you'll be excited to know that the fabulous Mick Patrick and Ian Chapman post here, and can answer all your wall of sound questions. It's freaky - the other day I asked about the Stocking Tops' "never gonna get my loving" and someone said "oh yeah, it's a cover of The Enchanted Forest's version but I lost my copy in 1975". Some of the other listees were session musicians for Phil Spector and stuff. It's just unreal.

What else? Oh yeah, seeing as I live in Manchester I'll probably be posting guides to around town, where to eat, yadda yadda. It's not like there's a Time Out for Manchester you know. ;-) It's funny, when I was 14 I had a Smiths poster (just like everyone else) where they're standing in front of a smoke-belching factory, so that's what I thought it was like here. And yeah, parts of the city are grim but it's hardly an industrial wasteland - the city centre has tons of cool architecture and since the Commonwealth Games are here next year, they've been tarting up the city like mad.

Here's a picture of my friend Matt DJ'ing at his gf's birthday party last weekend - Tag calls him DJ Slappy!


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